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GDPR compliance is both a necessity, a burden and a potential competitive advantage.
A GAP analysis is needed to establish the extent of the project, and together with educating key personnel and leadership - the first necessary step.

Every GDPR Project is different, if carried out correctly, but let us outline they key parts:

Workshop & Interviews

To build a basic understanding for GDPR and for the task at hand - we always start with a presentation for leadership and staff or key personnel outlining the key points of the GDPR.

Depending on the situation and the company, we also offer a wide selection of specialized lectures for IT, DPO, Marketing, Sales and HR.

After this we conduct interviews of key personnel in order to identify ‘high risk’ areas of the clients business which warrant attention in order to bring them within the GDPR.

Key personnel may include the Sales Director/Manager, Chief Technical Officer, Human Resources, Legal Counsel and any other officer or personnel deemed relevant.

Mapping and Analys

Following the Workshop and Interviews we establish what information the client holds (the ‘Data’) and how same is handled/treated.

On the basis of the information gathered, we then consider in respect of the Data inter-alia why it is held, how it was obtained, the extent of same, how it is stored and treated, what policies, if any, exist in terms of storage and deletion of the said Data and so forth.

We then assess what matters/issues need to be addressed as a matter of priority in terms of GDPR, and what matters can be addressed on a less urgent basis.

Following this we provide guidance indicating in what order Client should implement any needed changes in a cost effective manner.


We provide advice and guidance with a view to empowering the client’s officers/personnel to make informed decisions regarding the best way to proceed towards a GDPR friendly result, and any other work that Sällberg and client in the course of the Analysis deem necessary.

Following the Analysis, we prepare a report highlighting where the client stands in terms of GDPR and setting out what needs to be done to achieve the required level of compliance. The report includes a comprehensive analysis but will lay special emphasis on the 'high risk' areas in order that the client can effectively prioritise.

Client’s Management then goes through the report, evaluate same and make decisions about the implementation of the suggested measures.


Following consideration by the client of the Report, Sällberg and the client then works together towards the development of a follow up plan to address the 'high risk' areas identified in the report and have same dealt with as priority. This so called ‘Phase 2’ post Analysis period may also include but not be limited to;

  • The revision/renegotiation of any agreements internal or external;
  • Review of data governance procedures and internal policy regarding data including allocation of responsibility within the organisation. Creation of a coherent data management framework;
  • Consider technical solutions/systems and what if any changes need to be implemented/addressed;
  • Further education;
  • Creation of templates/policy documents to be used internally;
  • Advice regarding appointment of a Data Protection Officer;
  • General advice regarding all GDPR matters and processes.

  • More services


    We can take full ownership of everything from GAP to inventory, implementation, communication and incident management. Or you can contact us for assistance in any of the following areas, on a case by case basis. Please see our Terms and Conditions and contact us for more information on how we can best help you.

    Data Processor Agreements

    PIA / DPIA

    Consent Management

    Data Breach Notification


    Other Areas

    ICT & EU Trade Law

    Please Contact us for further assistance and questions about our legal expertise.

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    Legal knowledge can influence the selection of markets and marketing channels, sales, and your risk management towards customers and suppliers. As a result of changes in the world and new rules, demand for business law counseling is also increasing. Access to legal basics and knowledge of new laws and regulations can be crucial for your company's opportunity to grow.

    In a growth company, legal matters do not always come first, but rather your first big deal or the realization of your product idea. Commercial law in itself is about the ability to partially shift perspectives, between the commercial and the legal perspective. Jurisdiction is becoming more specialized, not least due to an increase in new legislation and new regulations. To many companies there is a need for simpler and more standardized legal advice but also digital legal services that train, simplify, secure and reduce corporate governance.

    We are looking forward to helping you meet those needs and the opportunities otherwise missed, while modernizing the way we think of legal advice and assistance.

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    Aron Klingberg


    • LL.M. Lund University
    • COO Akademiska Föreningen
    Daniel Sällberg


    • LL.M. Lund University
    • MBA, Halmstad Högskola
    • CRM, Marketing and Leadership, San Diego State University
    • Blue Marketing (founder), IKEA, General Electric
    Emma Svärd


    • LL.M. Lund University
    • Law Firm Lindmark Welinder
    Šejla Islamović


    • LL.M. Lund University
    • NJORD Law Firm
    Nicola Sheehan-Björklund

    • Bachelor of Civil Law, LLB, Solicitor admitted Republic of Ireland.
    • Corporate Legal Counsel Volito Aviation Services AB.
    Kenny Chung


    • LL.M. Lund University
    • Svenska ambassaden Bangkok
    • Polismyndigheten

    Languages: Swedish, English, Cantonese, Japanese.

    Law Students

    Laurita Krisciunaite


    Project lead & education

      Laurita has an eye for details and conducts her work with the highest quality standards. She has found a particular interest in IT & IT-law, but has a wide range of skills including Tax, IP and Contract Law.
    Julianne Ahlesten


    Project lead & education

      Julianne has a great interest in business law. In her work she values professionalism, creativity and efficiency to achieve the best result. Her specialty areas are corporate law, contract law, property law and public law. Her focus on communication and networking has spurred her interest in GDPR, with it’s enormous scope and impact on how we will communicate in different ways from now on and forward.
    Nicole Chen


    Education & E-registry tools

      Nicole is a very efficient and focused person, who always finds creative solutions.
    Louise Torstensson


    Data mapping/inventory, social media & marketing

      Louise is serviceminded and enthusiastic in her work, and always brings a happy mood.
    Josefin Karlström


    Data mapping/inventory & education

      Josefin likes the evolving nature of law and therefore finds GDPR and the national data laws an exciting area.


    MXestore needed a review of its Copyright and Legal disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and other legal documents to expand on the EU market.

    Daniel's proofreading is thorough. He pays attention to the details, which I believe significantly contributes to the quality of my work. In addition, he is great with deadlines; never fails to deliver the work on time.

    Kristoffer Rexvik

    MXestore Europe


    Stort kunnande, tack!. Jag blir er ambassadör - alla förväntningar uppfyllda. 5/5

    Thomas Fälldin

    Kon-IT AB


    Vi behövde ett Biträdesavtal till vår produkt för Google Classroom och avtalet blev något mer omfattande än normalt eftersom personuppgifterna rörde ungdomar och då ett par senare rättsfall visat på högre krav på organisatoriska och tekniska lösingar. Avtalet blev klart inom utsatt tid och vi känner oss trygga i resultatet då kommunikationen hela tiden varit god

    Daniel Ronnstam

    StudyBee AB


    Bra, sakliga, tydliga och pålästa.

    Sami Najami



    Vi vände oss till Sällberg & Co inför en expandering på den ryska marknaden. Tidsramen var mycket snäv och de ryska myndigheternas krav vid införande av varuprover löstes genom ett väl utarbetat Letter of Intent. Vi är mycket nöjda med resultatet och skulle inte tveka att använda oss av Sällberg & Co igen.

    Anders Wellving, VD

    TrackInvent AB


    Bra, informativt och konkret, bra tempo. Kunniga i ämnet, inga spekulationer. 5/5

    Joakim Engstrand

    Brafab AB

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